June 21st, 2008

Pluto close up

So... hungry...

It's been a really random ass day. Been up since 7ish, when my mom told me it was too hot to be making breakfast. Bitch. Then she expected ME to eat CEREAL!!!! BITCH!!!! I hate cereal. I really, truly, honestly do. I only eat cereal on the days that I work because, well, I don't really want to waste time making something else, and the way to work does not go by anywhere that I can stop by for a quick bite. So it's one of those necessary evil things that I don't like but have to deal with sort of things. But only on the days that I work. The days that I don't work? Those days I want something with a little more substance!

But instead she has to go to some company picnic thing. And my dad has to go to some benefit thing or a car show or whatever. So she leaves me with a few deviled eggs. And nothing else.

Dad says that he's going to get me something when he comes back from town. Comes back, no food. Says mom will bring it in half an hour. Mom calls and says that she won't be coming home anytime soon. Dad says he'll bring food when he comes back from playing his gig thing. Fast forward like three and a half hours. No food. Says he'll bring food when he comes back with mom. Get a phone call. They're going to eat in a town twenty minutes away. At a sit down place. So that means that I don't get fed a damned thing!

I've been up 13 hours and have eaten a bunch of deviled eggs (cholesterol for the win!), marshmallows and a bag of chips (small bag).

I'm hungry. And I'm pissed. Luckily, my anger seems to curb my hunger. My grandmother knows that they have refused to feed me. She doesn't know that I've still gone without food. When she does find out, she will not be pleased. But I will. That's why I love my grandmother, she takes my side through damn near anything.

It's been a pretty boring day. Beat Path of Radiance (the 'cube Fire Emblem) for probably the third or fourth time. Good times. I'd rather be playing Disgaea 2, but given that I let my friend borrow my PS3 so he could waste his time with GTA IV that really isn't an option.

I also finished the third and final season of Veronica Mars. It had such an excellent season finale, I was so sad that it had to end like that. To be fair, if season 4 had gone the way that it was supposed to go things still would have gone unnoticed... but nonetheless! Season 4's pitch was interesting, too. Damn, I miss that show. I miss that show a lot.

Still hungry. Still angry. Still bored.

Yup, it's Saturday.