June 11th, 2008

Pluto close up

Well, that was semi-expected...

So, I go to soaptownusa.com to see if they have updated their columns that weren't updated on Monday. AMC's is updated, so I read it. The writer is talking about the things that she would like to have change when Pratt takes over (she's just a fan, so it isn't like she's 'connected' or anything... well, she kind of is, but yeah...), and she mentions that Colin and Chirshell could be out, and so could Melissa. That last one pleases me (no more Annie!), the middle one is kind of sad (Amanda be hot!), but the first one makes me weep. God willing it won't be true. It seems like soaps are doing as much as they can to basically make my trip to SSW in November (FIVE MONTHS!!!) a hell of a lot less special. But they can't take away Christmas celebrations from me. No sir!

Today is my year anniversary at work. We'll see if they do anything about my review today. I doubt they will. I'd be honestly surprised if they did. But it would be nice. 2 dollar raise. I have my fingers crossed. Most people do get a 2 dollar raise after the first year. That's kind of standard at my work, and that's what I want. I don't want more. I don't want less. I just want the average amount. If they want to give me more, however, I'll probably take it.

Knowing me, I will.