June 10th, 2008

Determined Uranus by shining_ki

That's a whole lotta posts!

So, after much pressuring from girltype, I caved and joined ohnotheydidnt. For those not in the know, it is a community where celeb news is posted. A lot. I had to filter my friends for the first time ever since they posted so damn much... but I've seen some amusing things, and some not so amusing things. Amusing like Shia getting bitch slapped. Not amusing like people saying 'quit hating!' when people are amused by Shia getting bitch slapped. Idiots. Shia is a moron and should go far, far away. And God forbid that people have a negative opinion on the new 'it' boy. Much hate for Shia. So much hate. It's all Even Steven's fault. That show was horrible and soured me on the kid. Funny how Shia is doing movies. Christie is doing TV shows, voice acting and Made for TV movies. And Nick Spano (the guy who played the oldest brother... Donnie?) is doing that car commercial where he tries to run away from the guy who actually owns the car. A zoom zoom one. The model escapes me. He did an ABC family movie, too, but still. And don't even get me started on that kid who played Beans! Shia had soured me to the show by then, but the commercials I would watch that showcased that boy made me wonder...

Also, the new NKotB (that's the proper way of doing it) video premiered the other day. It's on youtube. I watched it. Donnie was balding, which amused me. Danny was useless, which is par for the course. Good times. God willing, Vanessa will snag me a ticket for the concert in San Jose for October. Nostalgia in full force, baby! I also saw the New England Patriots singing the Right Stuff, which managed to do something I thought impossible: make me hate football more than I already do. It was for a good cause, though. My ears didn't care much about the cause at the time, however.

I finally got my copy of Vivid yesterday!!! Uploaded it to the MP3 player, along with the Enchanted songs. Got rid of Bad, I Just Can't Stop Loving You, Wanna Be Starting Something, some instrumentals and a few Mariah songs.

Oh look. A Snoopy Met Life commercial. I love these, they make me happy.