June 9th, 2008

Pluto close up

Good Dream!

Usually, I loathe Mondays. Sort of like Garfield, but I have things that actually have to be done instead of just sitting around and waiting to be fed by my human bitch. Anyway, so far this isn't turning out to be that bad of a Monday. Why, you might ask? It's a good question.

I dreamed of Josh Madden FINALLY calling Erica Kane 'mom.' Obviously, the name Erica Kane should give you a small hint as to what the hell I'm talking about. Granted, he was poisoned by some spider that was at her place and eventually started telling her off (poisons do that, I guess), but before he went all crazy he did call her mom, in a non-mocking tone. And it made me happy.

And yes, I dream in color.

Of course, the likelihood of this happening on the show is slim to none. La Kane's in the popo for insider trading, and Josh hasn't even seen her since she was sent away. As it stands, she barely even remembers having a son, since she never mentions the guy to begin with. And we don't even know where he's living, since the Hubbard family booted his ass out so that they could have his apartment. Okay, more like the powers that be at AMC decided to boot the character out so the Hubbard family could move in, but the point remains!

Pratt (of GH fame, or infamy, depending on who you talk to) is going to take over the writing tasks. I have no idea when. But whenever head-writers change there is almost always some form of upheaval in the show. One of the first things they do is start trimming the 'fat' as it were. Getting rid of characters that don't work for their direction in the show.

Josh could be cut. And I would not be happy.

In other soap news: I watched clips of Lila's funeral from GH, and yes, I wept. God, those were some powerful moments. Reminded me of how good GH was back in the day. How they could make me care about a character who I never even saw on screen. Plus, it had Tams. I love Laura Wright a lot, but I miss the hell out of Tams. And then I went back and watched Michael's baptism. They had a boys choir in a Catholic church.

Yeah, my mind went there.