June 7th, 2008

Pluto close up

Organizational Day

I've been up since 6:45ish because my cats kept on clawing at my door and wouldn't stop until I let them in. I did, and then they wouldn't stop running around the room hissing at each other. There are plenty of times that I really, really dislike having as many animals as I do. This morning was just one of them.

So, I spent some time playing Chaos Wars, the game that I got on Wednesday. A strategy RPG for the PS2. Gamestop exclusive. It's entertaining at times, but I've since grown weary of it. Like most games, the dubbing is horrible. Horrible. HORRIBLE. More than that, the battle system leaves much to be desired. I mean there are times when your skills downgrade in usefulness, in spite of their skill level bar increasing. This is never a good thing. And it happens far too often. Plus, they rarely even make sense. I mean, why would my fire spell turn into an ice spell? It's just... blah. And yeah, you can lock skills so that they 'don't' change, but then what are the chances of you getting a better one? See? Not so much. Odd systems, bad voice acting (even the Japanese isn't that great), bad localization... makes for less than fun. And to think, I almost had a reason to use my PS3 again. Almost.

Disgaea 3 for the PS3 is coming out. I didn't really like the second Disgaea, though... which is surprising, considering what a level up whore I am. That game gives you a max cap of like 18600 or something. I rarely get my characters to 99. What? I love leveling, but not THAT much.

And where does that leave me? With a whole lot of nothing to do until Final Fantasy Tactics A2 for the DS, and then the FFIV remake for the DS. God willing there will be a VI remake for the DS. I mean, hard to better perfection, but still...

Anyway, I spent a little bit of time putting my DVD collection back in order. I haven't been buying that many box sets as of late, though this is entirely because there are not that many box sets coming out that I want to buy. Army Wives season 1 comes out on Tuesday (new season tomorrow!!!), and Dynasty season 3 part 1 comes out sometime this month.

I've also decided to keep a log of the money that I save for my Disneyworld trip, because there are plenty of times when I'm like 'okay, how much do I have?' factor in the whole saving an extra thousand for clothes and other necessities and it makes for some complex numbering.

Also, Veronica Mars rocks. I love that show. Such a pity it ended at season 3. I'm down to the last disc of episodes!!! It makes me very sad. And, just for the record, I knew who the Dean's murderer was like two episodes before the reveal. I'm just that good.

So, I've made a bit of a decision. Not one that I absolutely HAVE to stand by, but one I want to try and stand by. After I finish this latest run through of Golden Girls episodes, I'm going to momentarily retire the series as my nightly 'nap time' series and instead migrate to Will and Grace. Then Roseanne. Then Gilmore Girls. Not many series that I can fall asleep to. They need to be utterly familiar so that I don't feel like I'm 'missing' something. Golden Girls provides that comfort level, but at the same time provides a struggle of what to watch because I've seen them so often.
Pluto close up

I hate the new youtube format!!!

Truly I do hate the new youtube format! Before, I could click on a new video to watch, push pause and it would start uploading without actually playing until it had enough uploaded so that I wouldn't have to worry about it pausing in the middle for buffering or whatever.

But now? Now it just starts loading and then freezes because my connection is either still too slow (which is possible), or they're just idiots. Maybe a combination of both, but I have noticed that the videos have been coming much slower as of late. Peculiar.

However, even if it was fast enough, I would still be less than pleased with the whole lack of an auto-pause feature.

I also hate the new yahoo.

I just hate change. Like that Pizza Hut commercial guy. Well, he feared it. I just hate it. Whatever.