June 2nd, 2008

Pluto close up

A productive day at the mall!

Yesterday, I went to Oakridge yesterday with Sarah. She finally had some money to blow off and so we went to the mall. First, we went to cheesecake factory, which had NO LINE! We've always had to wait for Cheesecake Factory seating before (we've been there three times before), but yesterday, on a Sunday? Nothing. It was kind of empty there, too. And the cheesecake was so good! I'm not a cheesecake man, but the cheesecake a cheesecake factory is, well, the cheesecake at cheesecake factory. And it was so soft. Like it just came out or something. Damn it was good.

Then I went to the comic book store, looking for a trade. There were many trades, but there was nothing that I wanted, and I was sad. I did get my copy of Giant Sized Astonishing X-Men, which Bill did not have at the store on Wednesday. Hot Topic and Disney Store were gone to. Got shirts at both (MORE DONALD!! AND ZELDA!!!), and a Donald Mug. Told someone else that worked at a Disney related store that I hate Mickey. It's fun to watch their reaction. It's like I was creating the ultimate blasphemy or some shit. Borders also didn't have any trades. Again, I was sad. And I got an apple from the Rocky Mountain Candy Factory. Disneyland's apples are FAR superior.

Best Buy was where I got some new headphones, because it seemed like my headphones were dying out or something. Even at the highest level it was like super low. Pre-ordered at gamestop for a game that comes out tomorrow. Sarah might be able to get it. Maybe.

So yeah, productive.