May 30th, 2008

Pluto close up

Honesty rears its head again!

So, today, at work, my aunt tells me that my cousin, who just got a job working at the company too, hired his friend to help him do his job. Now, this is under the table pay that we're talking about, which is also illegal. So I ask her 'well, what happens if someone finds out?' and she's like 'how would someone find out?' I say 'well, I could tell them to get back at him for stealing my game.'

Here's the back story. My cousin is an ex-con. He was a junkie. While he was a junkie, he stole my copy of Mortal Kombat II and sold it for drug money. This was back when I was like 11, so it's been over a decade. This time does not negate what he did, or the fact that I'm not okay with it, nor will I ever be. But I'm at a good place with my cousin, kind of. I mean, I don't hate him. I don't wish him ill. I don't trust him. But we're family, and I wouldn't cost him his job. It would just mean bad things, very bad things. I brought the past up mostly as a quip.

She didn't take it well. She started screaming at me about how 'tired she was about hearing about that. He was an addict. You should get over it.' and all this other crap. In the back of my mind I'm amused. I really am. I mean, my aunt took it way out of context and it's just lunacy. After all, I was wronged. Unjustly. Why should I get over being betrayed?

Then, she keeps on talking about the job thing, and mentions that he hired the guy to help him take the stuff to the dump. The dump is not on site. It's still wrong to have someone doing work for the company that isn't on the company payroll, but as long as it isn't on site and therefore he can't get in trouble, well, I won't tell on him. I apologize. And she screams at me 'YOU SHOULD BE SORRY!' before she storms off.

Apparently, while she's at lunch she calls my dad and starts telling him how I need to get over it and all the stuff she told me, basically. And she adds that I should stop talking shit about my mom at work.

My mom hears this, and she gets on my case about how I talk about her at work. I maintain that I only say things that are true. That she's a drunk bitch and I don't like her. Hell, my aunt agrees with me half the time when I'm talking about my mom at work.

Meanwhile, me and my dad are just laughing our collective asses off at the way that everything has been blown out of proportion.

So, I ask this of you, my lovely friends list: was I wrong? I didn't bring it up out of malice (truly), and she exploded. I was taken advantage of, at like 11 years old, for no reason, and that isn't okay with me. She thinks I should get over it, but why? I think she's just pissed because it's the elephant in the room, but I'm not afraid to talk about it. And if she wouldn't have made such a scene it would have gone unnoticed. Now people know about it. Including one of the loud mouths at work.

But who will get blamed if it does end up costing my cousin his job?

That's right.
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30 minutes...

30 minutes on Wii fit (which I got the day it came out, a week and some change ago), and I'm like near death. They want me to do push ups! PUSH UPS!!! Set does not do push ups. I did them once to burn energy the day before school, and I ended up not being able to move my arms for like two and a half days. I suck at push ups. I suck at them. So I avoided them altogether.

I also suck at balance games. My god, my balance is bad. Actually, my balance is bad period. Seriously. The male trainer (he taunts me with his pretty digitalized body... I should have gone with the chick, at least then someone would have bigger breasts than me!) even was like 'we need to work on your left side.' Shut up, male trainer. Shut. Up. I won't be playing the balance games. After all, what good do they do, really? And Yoga? Helllllll no. Again, balance = bad. And room = small. Put them together and you've got disaster.

I do like the running part, kind of. I dislike not being able to run on the balance board, but, knowing me, I'd crush the bastard anyway. I also can't put the Wii mote in my pocket because it therefore lowers my sweats too much. Plus, I want to run into the waterfall, thank you very much. I unlocked the longer distance run. I think I would die if I did that tonight. I damn near died the second time. Stupid dog. Not my dogs, this dog in the route. I bet if I was running with the dogs in my room they would go crazy. When I played Nintendogs they were like 'who the hell are you talking to? Our name isn't Eris!' I didn't play Nintendogs much longer. They got too excited.

This is a really random entry that is going all over the place. The tangents are semi-linked, but even so... I blame delirium. I need water.

And I think it's meant to be used with bare feet. All the pictures on the box show it as such. Here's the thing: I hate feet. I hate my feet. I hate your feet. I don't want to look at bare feet. Sandals should be abolished, especially on people with hobbit feet. This includes myself. I don't wear sandals. I have some form of shame. So, I could slip and die on you, but I won't be slipping or dying on you without socks on, okay? And to be fair, socks keep the sweat from building up on the board. Who wants a sweaty board to work on? I know people who refuse to use sweaty mats. And those are cheap things. I paid 95 bucks for Wii-fit and its technological whatnot.

I want to do another 30 tomorrow, but odds are high that I'll just be like 'screw this!' and go back to eating McDonalds and sitting on my ass doing nothing. I walk a lot at work. And there's less drunken intrusion from my mother, who came in three times during today's workout. And don't even get me started on the dogs...

My house does not a good place for workouts make.

Incidentally, that new chicken sandwich they have is really good. Small. With little variety (chicken, bun, pickles. Yes, pickles... and no sauce of any kind!). But good.