May 29th, 2008

Pluto close up

Just Finished Blood Noir

For those that don't know, it's book 16 of the Anita Blake series... which, in all honesty, really, REALLY should have ended about 10 books ago. Sex in chapter three. THREE. And I hate that shit. I'm a prude, leave me alone. So I skip those chapters. Thankfully, I only glossed over about 30 pages or so, and, mercifully, the author actually glossed over sex herself. It was a plot point, the glossing, but one that I was damned happy about.

So, was it good? I guess. I mean, she's written much, much better (see books 1-6, with the exception of book 5, which was god awful), but it was a book that actually kind of had some plot. Kinda.

But, as always, Anita's gotta get herself some more power and it just pisses me off. Why do I keep on reading this series? Because, for one, I'm a loyalist. Two, I truly adore some of the characters... actually, that's it. But they're both quite compelling reasons for me.