May 26th, 2008

Pluto close up

Can't... Do... It...

I really wanted to watch all of the episodes of Golden Girls in order. You know, since it's basically the #1 show that I fall asleep to every night. In fact, I'd say that out of the 365 days in a year (366 this year), I fall asleep to Golden Girls at LEAST 300 of those. And while I love the series on the whole there are just some episodes that I cannot stand! Fiddler on the Ropes is one of them. And what is the first episode that I see I'm going to watch on Season 4's final disc?

I've watched it plenty of times before. I've watched all those episodes at least twice over (and that's being very, very generous)... and I really think that I should have a Sophia Icon or two... hell, where's my 'but I digress' icon? I mean, honestly!

I don't think I can do it, though. I just don't think I can.

I'm sorry, girls, I failed!