May 25th, 2008

Pluto close up

Disney Day!

On a whim, I checked around to see what the dates for SSW 2008 are. Turned out that the Disneyworld site had said that they were 15-16. Initially, our trip had us staying until the 12th, which was problematic... since, you know, we would have been gone BEFORE SSW, and that would have sucked. Like, 'my whole trip is ruined because I got the dates wrong' bad. Called Disneyworld directly, to see if they knew the dates and they did!

So, Sarah came by, since we had plans today, and we decided that, since the dates were solid, we were going to get our plane tickets. Orbitz was went to, and we spent like an hour and a half doing that shit because Orbitz is SO annoying. They take forever to load, and they lose your information when you're idle for a certain amount of time. Needless to say, we got our flight and it was about 415 a person. We're flying out of the airport in Monterey. Which is surprising, because I had no idea that there WAS an airport in Monterey. We're going to find out what it looks like come November. We might actually go and see what it looks like before that. The first plane that we're going on is TINY. It's actually amusing when I think about it.

Then we went to Marie Calendar's (CORNBREAD!!!!), and the food was goooooood. So was the pie. Mmm, pie. Sarah had to go to TJ Maxx, but there was this anime store that was there and we looked inside. They had Sailor Moon keychains and cups. Only Neptune was a keychain, though, and none of the cups featured the outers. Sadness.

TJ Maxx was long and boring... but, they have luggage! I need luggage! I'm going back when I get closer to November.

Then we went to B&N. I was looking for a new trade or two, because I need some new reading material... nada, but I decided to buy Disney Scene It. Version 2. Sad. Then I go to the front, and the Deluxe version was there!!! Bought that, played against Sarah and won. I couldn't remember the name of Emilio Estevez's character that was in the Mighty Ducks... but I remembered the damned name of the kid who he was in the scene with!!! Fail! I still won, though. Sarah almost beat me. I would have been owned, since I was always getting really crappy rolls, but it was fun. Very fun.

Tomorrow she might come over so we can make our hotel reservations and give them our flight number for the Magical Express option.

Can't wait!