May 22nd, 2008

Pluto close up


Two new BoA videos in like two weeks. The first one was kind of weird. Okay, really weird. And bad. Like Amazing Kiss bad. The song was good, though.

This video is just weird, but decent, and the song is wonderful...

And she has straight hair. I am happy.

I watched What Happens in Vegas last night. Latifah wasn't even listed in the opening credits, which pissed me the fuck off, because I was THERE for Latifah. And though she had like four scenes she still kicked ass. Latifah for life.

And then I came home and watched Living Single. Muwahahaha.

The movie was decent. I laughed. I liked it much more than Sarah Marshall. I wouldn't exactly recommend it as this great comedy. It isn't exactly high-brow, but it still fits the bill, and that's what matters.