May 19th, 2008

Pluto close up

Woah, Insight!

So, on Saturday, while I was with my grandmother, she told me something. She told me that my aunt, who I work with, thinks that I shouldn't be so blunt and honest about my parents at work. I frequently state that my mother is a drunk and I openly loathe her. That isn't just a pathetic statement made by a bitter person, I really do strongly dislike my mother, wholly because of her drinking. And, as I'm writing this she walks in, heh. And I don't sugar coat shit. Ever. I tell it like it is because, frankly, that's the way it should be. And instead people are apparently taken back by it and are like 'well, if he says that kind of stuff about his parents.. imagine what he says about us.' And that just makes me mad. I don't talk shit about my coworkers. Far from it. I adore them... for the most part. Okay, Darcie I tend to dislike due to her laziness, but I do like her as a person. Even so, if I do talk about them, I only talk about them as workers, never as people.

Damned people. God forbid that someone be honest. People really don't like honesty.

Aside: Last night's Desperate Housewives season finale was very good. But my favorite part? When Mike and Susan were talking about baby names and almost *ALMOST!* decided on Riley. Why does that please me? Because one of the characters I made was named Riley and his father was portrayed by James Denton. Now, I realize the likelihood of that kind of thing being true is slim to none. They didn't say that just as a sort of tongue and cheek to me, but it still made me happy. Like when I met Scott Clifton and I swear to God one of the people was talking about Tristan and he just smiled. I swear it happened. SWEAR IT! That'd be heaven.