May 18th, 2008

Pluto close up

To Grandmother's House I Go!

Probably. More than likely. At least for a little while. Once again my father has found some way to make it so that I cannot take a shower at this house. For him, that's okay. He's a dirty, filthy man who rarely bathes to begin with (truly). But for me, who goes to work 5 days a week (he doesn't really work, aside from on the house), I need a shower. It's a basic idea of life for me. Shower. Get clean. Nice and clean. Pretty pretty clean clean. So, like before, when there is no shower for me here, I go and stay with my grandmother. I'm fine with that, it makes her happy, it makes me happy. Life is good. Except for the possibility of running into my aunt for a visit. Damn that's going to be hard if that does happen.

Ick. That's not a very fun thought.
Pluto close up

Cutscenes like this are why I game...

Seriously, I had a fanboy moment when I saw that shit.

I just started replaying Radiant Dawn yesterday since I had been playing the GBA Fire Emblem for so long that it got me in the mood. But what got me out of the mood with RD was just how freaking hard it was... on normal difficulty. So I went and pussied out and played it on easy instead, and it works a lot better. I've gotten much farther. I had never even seen the cutscene before, but damn... good times.

Edit: Okay... so it's better when it's in English, but the point remains.

And... why does it frequently seem like there's ONE damned Seiyu who does the voice of every female game character. I swear, Mia's voice actress is so damned familiar... or maybe the Japanese voice actresses just sound a lot alike.