May 13th, 2008

Pluto close up

Snip. Snip. Plop.

That was my motto yesterday. And why was it my motto yesterday? Because I got roped in to going out for dinner with Liz and company since yesterday was her birthday. I agreed to it, and then, in hindsight, realized that 'shit, plenty of kids are going to be there.' And there were. Liz has three ankle-bitting (but adorable) kids, and her family has more. I think, altogether, where were 6 children. And then there were her parents. Her sister and whom I presume to be her sister's husband. Me and Liz. Sarah. Paul (her little brother) and his girlfriend. 15 people. 15 people. I hate big crowds. I really do. But it was... all right...

Liz's middle child, Aidan, sat next to me and spilled cake on me. Not much, but I saw it coming and it landed on my pants instead of on my sweater, which was what I wanted. Then he threw his cap at me. Not his hat, but the cap to his cup. Regardless, the woman who waited for us got gratuity up the ass. Famous Dave's has good chicken tenders and delicious delicious delicious mashed potatoes.

So, this morning I checked the tv news like I always do, and I saw that ABC was only going to add 2 new series to the fall lineup. Neither seems all that interesting, but I guess there is always mid-season. The worst part is that Women's Murder Club, one of my favorite shows on TV, was left off the schedule. I don't know if that means that it will come in as a mid-season replacement, or if it got axed. Here's hoping for mid-season. I really do love that show.

CBS added shows, too. None of which look particularly interesting, but that's to be expected since it is CBS. I hope that Cane returns. Hispanics on TV need to stay on TV! Fox and NBC and the CW haven't really displayed anything, though the CW did renew Reaper (for mid-season), which I finally watched part of when I was at Disneyland and I found it enjoyable.