April 27th, 2008

Pluto close up

Those Fools at Gamestop!

So, Mario Kart came out today. This is always a good thing, as Mario Kart is guaranteed to be wonderful, since it is Mario Kart. But the people at the Gamestop on the other side of the street told me that the stores would be open at 9 AM since they would not do a midnight release (but they're doing a midnight release for GTA IV? Bunk that!). So I got my dad to take me. The store across the street was open, but the store where I get my pre-orders (because it's right next to Best Buy and is therefore quite nice for me since I can go to the stores in quick fashion) was not. My father, being my father, became quite livid. I too was livid, but I have a much better temper than him. We went to Denny's (which was decent, considering where it was located) and then we went back because it was open. They said that there was a scheduling mishap and that is why there was nobody there at 9 like there was supposed to be.

I got my game, and I got me 4 wii wheels, counting the pack in. What are the odds of me ever using them all at the same time? Pretty slim, but they'll be here in case I need them. I also pre-ordered Wii Fit, which costs 10 dollars instead of the usual five. Presumably because of the balance board. I have to come up with 80 more bucks, but that should not be problematic because it comes out the week after I get paid.

Mario Kart is quite thrilling, but the character models do seem to be a bit lacking in detail. Plus, I kind of suck at it. Seriously, I got a B and then a C and then a D and then an E in the 50 CC cups. 50 CC!!!! Sigh. I fared a little bit better in the retro cups, but yeah. Gold cups all around, of course, but the grade belies my cup. Stupid grade.

So, next month I just have to get Wii Play on the video game front that I'm aware of. And Masters of the Universe Season 2 (The MYP version), and Muppet Show season 3 even though I have not even finished seasons 1 or 2 yet... still, it's nice to have them. And, once again, my PS3 just exists in order to collect dust. Such is life. And yet I still wonder where my money goes because it's like 'I'm not really buying that much stuff anymore...' and I know that taxes take considerable chunks out, but not that much. I'm not wanting for money, but it just makes me wonder what the hell I spend it on. Going out to eat as much as I do puts a crimp on my fundage that I did not realize. But it's worth it. Damn that White Chocolate Cake at Chili's!