April 26th, 2008

Pluto close up


Today I went to the mall with girltype. We went to the mall in the town where we always joke about being shot because, well, it happens enough to be the point where it's a joke, but at the same time isn't that big of a joke, you know? This is the mall that I used to love like nothing else in the world when I was a kid, because it was the only mall that we went to, and I used to love the mall. I still love the mall.

The mall that we went to? Not so much with the love. I mean, it's small, extremely small, and we walked through the whole thing within 10 minutes. I'm not even lying. So many stores are useless. And why do they need two Claire's? AND they got rid of the DQ that used to be there. Dammit, I wanted to eat me some DQ sundaes, but noooo. Denied. I did get bubble gum, which was great, but you know, not what I wanted.

I got my parents' Disneyland tickets. Tax free, for some reason. It kicked ass, don't ask no questions. Then I went to three different stores looking for shirts for Disneyland, because Set doesn't go to Disneyland without something new. New shoes last time. New shirts this time. When I go to Disneyworld I'll get new pants. Vanessa also found a movie that she was looking for at Gamestop for 2 bucks! She was happy. I saw Heroes season 1 used, which means that somebody realized how much that show sucked and turned it in for credit, which made me happy. Then I saw a Robin Hood (the animated Disney fare) that was turned in for credit, and I was sad. That movie gets no love.

Then we went to Best Buy, where I got Mariah's new album, more lithium batteries for my camera, a power charger for my MP3 player, and the game The World Ends With You for my DS as a travel companion. I also grabbed Fire Emblem the first to play again. I'll bring the PSP and Crisis Core, but, probably won't play it.

Afterwards, we went to this Fish and Chips place that Vanessa raved about. She said they had calamari, and they did. And it was good food! The service sucked ass. We had to wait like 10 minutes for a soda refill. No lie. And after that we went to Wal-Mart because she wanted to look for smores. It didn't work out, but I got stuff to shave my face with. Uncle Walt demands clean skin.

During the interim we talked about how much the Three Caballeros kicks ass, and that everyone should buy that movie on Tuesday because it is the greatness! And how, when I'm at Disneyland, I need to get all the Three Caballeros merchandise that I can, since it is when the movie comes out, and right before Cinco De Mayo. We talked about AMC and how great it is that Jacob Young FINALLY got his ass a haircut after all this time!!!! We talked about how much J and Kpop are pretty much in a lull with nothing worthwhile coming out, and how it's possible that I could meet me some Kpop stars in Disneyland because it's right before the Hollywood Bowl!

We also made a plan to go and see Speed Racer on opening day, because Speed Racer needs to be seen. It has Rain and Matthew Fox. We support. Plus we can go to the Longhouse, which is always a good thing. Hanging with Vanessa is always good times. Always.

You know what else is good times? Watching Living Single. I'm almost done watching all the episodes that were stored up from the week. This makes me sad.

Tomorrow is Mario Kart day, which is great. Great times all around. Seems like it'll be a good few days. Don't screw me over, fate! Don't screw me over! Now I'm tired. So very tired.
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