April 15th, 2008

Pluto close up

The Moral Question...

I just got done doing a list of all the people I work with. Altogether, that's 42 people.

Now, I really, REALLY want to buy presents for all of these people. And lord knows I have the money to do it. But a part of me just wants to buy presents for these people simply because it would be the nice thing to do. Not because I'm exceptionally good friends with them. I just don't want to bring presents back for a bunch of people who I do think I'm exceptionally good friends with and then have the people who aren't on that list feel less special.

Really, it's only about 10 people less than the total count. But, honestly, what am I going to buy these people from Disneyland? What can I get the thug who screws my cousin silly and has been in jail countless times and loves the color red? Or two guys that I barely even talk to?

So what should I do? Should I ignore these people just because, really, they wouldn't get me anything either, or should I not exclude them and be nice?

Knowing me, I'm going to be nice. But it'd be nice to get some opinions.

Still, even if I AVERAGE 10 dollars a person (and I won't...), that's 420 dollars. Pre-tax. Not to mention the non-work people who are on my list.