April 10th, 2008

Pluto close up

Dream Trip Is Go!!!!

I got the days off from work today. The dog sitter gave the okay for being available to watch the house for those days, and so, I, Set, had all the green lights available to start his DREAM DISNEYLAND TRIP (que the booming echo!).

What does this DREAM DISNEYLAND TRIP entitle, you might ask? Well, for right now, it involves the following:

2 nights at Disney's Paradise Pier Hotel, Standard View.
3 Day Park Hopper Ticket.
3 Tickets for Character Breakfast on Wednesday at 8 AM. Lilo and Stitch again. This time, my ass is going to be in that damned seat until Stitch gets HIS ass to my table. I will not be denied. I. Will. Not. Be. Denied.
Reservations for Hook's Pointe on Tuesday at 5:30.
Reservations for the Blue Bayou on Wednesday at 5:30.
Plus, I have that wonderful bag sending thing available to me where I can have them ship my stuff over to the hotel room provided I do so two hours before each park closes.
AND a parking ticket that I can give to my parents that way they can park in the parking lot and not have to pay parking fees. Plus, I checked, and the thing works the day we check out at midnight, so we can stay there as late as we want. We'll leave like at 2 probably, but the point remains.
1 early entry into fantasy land pass. I get in an hour early on Thursday, the last day I'm there, because the only FULL day that I'm going to be there is the day that they don't allow early entry. Grr.

There are a few things that kind of bring the trip down, though...
Disneyland opens at 10 and closes at 8. Ten hours. That's all I get. TEN. HOURS. And EIGHT at California Adventure. It's almost enough to make me cry, seriously.
Because the park closes so early, that means no fireworks. I love the fireworks at Disneyland, but I'm denied this.

Even so, you have no idea how amped up I am right now. Seriously, so amped up.