April 5th, 2008

Pluto close up

Hot Damn!

I don't watch One Life to Live, at least not on a regular basis, but this news makes me so very happy: Andrea Evans (ex-Tina) is a'coming back!!!! Most people probably have little idea who she is, and that's fine. Andrea Evans played Tina back in the 80s (maybe the late 70s, but, hey, I wasn't born then, so yeah). My mom used to watch One Life back then, so I would watch it too because I wasn't in school and we only had one tv in the house (these are known as the dark ages). I was MADLY in love with Tina. Seriously. Like, go up and kiss the tele whenever her picture would come up during the intro (I guess my intro obsession started young...), and I'm almost positive that Tina Lord Roberts is the one who gave me my redheaded fixation. This redhead fixation is a very important part of my life. She went to Passions, I didn't follow her, but now she's coming home!!! How long? I don't know. It didn't say she signed a contract, just that she was returning. I don't care, I'm going to watch when Tina comes back. Maybe not all the time, but at least the first two episodes (because she'll obviously come back on the last scene of a Friday, making me wait until Monday to actually hear her SAY something...), just because.

Semi-related in the world of soaps, or rather how my love of soaps transpires into daily life: I am the Susan Lucci of my workplace. Truly. I lost employee of the month AGAIN, this time to someone who has already gotten it once. So, I shouted that out, "I AM THE SUSAN LUCCI!" One of the owners heard me, she was amused. And now it's gotten around. Even the big boss knows about it now, which could work in my favor (pity employee of the month is still money!), or it could work against me. Still, it's fun to be like 'Viva La Lucci!' And when I meet Susan come November, I'll have a story to tell her!

I wonder if Andrea will be at Super Soap... I was just going to get an autograph from Erika Slezak from One Life, but if Andrea Evans is there? Well, then I guess I'd have to get hers, too!