March 29th, 2008

Pluto close up


Yesterday was my Great Uncle's funeral. It went over well. There was no service at the funeral parlor, just a viewing. They had a grave site funeral instead. I saw my cousins from Montana. One of them is taller than me. Granted, it's by like an inch, but the point remains. He's younger than me, too. Height complex? I dub thee current.

Afterwards, we went to my aunt's house for the wake. Here's the thing about life: It's just like high school, no matter where you are. There are always the cliques. Like, I tried to talk with my cousins, but they pretty much kept to themselves. I didn't even speak to Guy at all, and he has a kid now!!! And then my other cousins were all hanging around themselves, and all that stuff. I basically stayed near my dad. It's just amusing, and a bit sad, to see the way that these things go. Cody, the one who is taller than me, apparently is coming down for the summer to help get the house in order to sell it. Maybe we'll hang out then.

He plays on a football team called like the Ore Miners or something. Ore Miners. Finally, a mascot crappier than the one we had in high school!!! Win!

We were hungry before the grave site service, so we went to Jack in the Box. I got a sausage biscuit with no egg. It sucked. The sausage that they use is vastly inferior to the one the arches use. Mmm.

Plus, that grave site preacher man would just not SHUT THE HELL UP!!!! He's the guy who married my parents, too. My dad was like 'I should go and punch that guy out for shackling me to your mother!'

This is why I love my daddy.
Pluto close up

Cake, Lemming Fanboys, and Disneyworld!!!!

That's in no particular order. But we'll go in order of how it happened now. So, Sarah came over today. We made a standing plan this weekend to put down the cash to reserve our time at Disneyworld. We thought that we would have 10% off the room for some of the days that we stayed, because she brought us a thing that her sister got. Turns out, it's only valid if you're the person ON the ticket. Ergo, no 10% off. But it's only costing us 520 bucks a piece, minus the flights. We're staying at the cheap place, which is something that I don't want, but Sarah doesn't have the cash to blow off like I do, and Disneyworld at the cheap place is better than no Disneyworld at all! We have until late September to make the cash for the hotel. No problems here. SO HAPPY!!!! Now I have to work at my job until November, though. Not that I was planning on quitting, but now it's like I can't quit even if I wanted to.

Then we went to Chili's. I'll be honest, I don't really care for Chili's. In fact, I'm pretty much against it, but Sarah loves it and they have this white molten cake that I LOVE, so that makes it all worth it. I had the chicken fritters or whatever. They're extremely battered and then they have so much damned fat on the chicken that it just kind of looks wrong to eat it. The fries were good, though.

After that, I went to Best Buy to get my copy of Crisis Core. Then the clerk was like 'are you an FFVII fan?' So I told him no, not really. I got the game because of Steve Burton. Which is true. Then he was like 'how can you like Final Fantasy and not like VII? It's the best.' So then I went into my 'I was playing RPGs while you were still saying pasgetti.' rant. Poser fans! Horrible! Kefka would kick Sephiroth's ass, and then probably rape his corpse. This is Kefka, after all.

Went to Target after that. Had to pick up some essentials. I needed new combs. One for work, that way I don't keep on forgetting the one that I bring from the house. Contact solution. And toothpaste.

After that, we went to Baskin Robbins looking to see if they had Icing on a Cake. Aka: the Rainbow Chip ice cream that I COVET but have yet to try. It was fail. Called the one in town, they didn't have it either. Denied. One day, one day...

Now I'm bored, and watching the Cutting Edge 3 again. VH1 is showing Flavor of Love. I love VH1, but I HATE Flava Flav!