March 19th, 2008

Determined Uranus by shining_ki

Three more days!!!

But first: bought my first blue ray last night. Enchanted. It does look quite pretty, though nothing spectacular. Plus, the damned thing is in wide screen, and I HATE wide screen. I looked at the box and it said nothing about the movie being in widescreen. Fail. But Enchanted is not fail.

Anyway, three more days until my wonderful (or, at least I hope wonderful!) Brawl party... but I'm kind of in a situation. I want to buy five cases of soda (SODA. No alcohol of any kind. Get over it, drunkards), so right now I'm thinking of Diet Coke (for Vanessa), Sprite (for me), Coke and Pepsi. I get them both because I know that plenty of people HATE one or the other. Like, for example, I hated Coke when I was drinking caffeine. But that leaves one case empty. I'm thinking something else caffeine free. Like Hawaiian Punch or A&W. Actually, A&W sounds good. And a case of water. Water is good.

Three bags of chips: Ruffles, Nacho Doritos and Tortilla Chips. And two boxes of those Safeway Easter cookies, because DAMN those things are good. Probably like 3 bags of those white chocolate Lindt balls, since white chocolate lindt balls are what makes the world go round. Then, Pizza for dinner, but I won't buy that on Friday, I'll order it on Saturday.

It does seem rather... small... in terms of snack foods for a party, don't it? Hmm... that's concerning...
Freaked out Jiji by l_o_v_e_icons

I've had all I can stands!!!

And I can't stands no more!!!

Today, after looking at myself with my hair after the hairnet of doom that I wear at work did its devil magic, I came to a conclusion: I'm bringing a comb with me to work from now on!!!! My hair is too important for me to just let it be all blah and shit. None of that no more! None of that!

I do need a haircut, though.

And, I'm thinking of adding Cheez-Its and Pretzels to the junk food-a-rama purchases that will be made on Friday.