March 14th, 2008

Pluto close up

One of them days...

It's been a really bad day. It started out decent enough. Played some brawl. Watched some living single. Went to work, where I would get paid.

Then I found out that I have to fill out a log for EVERY SINGLE DAMNED THING that I do tomorrow. That means that each time I package a product, I have to write down what product it was, what I did, when I started, when I finished. In essence, if I'm doing one product (because sometimes our product lots only have 1 of a product), it will take LONGER to write what I did than it would to do it. Then, if I label the same product (keeping in mind that it is only 1 single item in the lot), I still have to write that I labeled that one product, when I started and when I finished. Then, if I shrink wrap the product... you guessed it... I get to write that down, too.

It's funny, because my boss is mad about the amount of time it takes to do things on Saturday... and yet he does THIS... which basically just ADDS to the time, unnecessarily, that it takes to do things on Saturday.

I hate my job. I do. I hate my job. I hate my manager (as a manager). I hate my boss (as a boss). I love the people I work with. I love the money, even the aforementioned hated individuals, as people. I love the fact that I have health and dental insurance. I love the fact that I get vacation and sick time. I like to work, I do. I just hate stress that is not necessary, and my job has lately been giving me a shit load of unnecessary stress.

Then, I went to the bank with my mother. My mother knows how much I hate it when she does her errands AFTER she picks me up, because we all know damn well what time I get off, and she should do them before so that we can go home. Banks on Friday's are a pain in the ass. And no, I do not do direct deposit. I should, but I don't. I like having my check. I like taking it in. But after that we went to the liquor store. Then we went back TOWARDS my work because she forgot to give her rat ass little pet boy a present. Arg.

It gets worse... I come home, ready to watch AMC (EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT ERICA'S HAIR!!!! Even my mom was like 'the hell'd they do to her hair?'), and I'm looking for my home theatre remote. I leave the remotes on my bed, because I fall asleep with the tv on. So I like to have them close by so that I can reach them in case I wake up and need help falling asleep, you know? Two of the three remotes are found... but where's my home theatre remote?


Torn up by the dogs.

Because the dogs are using my room door as a bathroom exit to the back yard, and since my parents don't give a fuck, the dogs kick the remote off the bed and outside, where they proceed to chew on it and break it. This means that I can no longer have sleep timer on my dvd player, because that option is only accessed via remote control. That means that Golden Girls, Roseanne, Will and Grace or whatever else that it is that I use to fall asleep shall just repeat the menu over and over until I wake up...

Plus, I now have to use Donkey Kong 20 times in order to unlock something on Brawl. I hate Donkey Kong. I hate the character. I hate him as a fighter. Diddy for the win. But I can't use Diddy.

AND my internet is still acting all fucked up and refusing to stay connected.

I swear to god, I want to scream so loud and just start crying. This week has been horrible. Brawl is the only bright spot. And it's a damned good bright spot, but is it enough? No, not really.