March 13th, 2008

Pluto close up

Pretty eyes... denied...

Okay, I admit it, I suffer from mid to high level vanity. Kind of. I mean, I'm not skinny, I'm fat and quite ugly, but when it comes to my hair and my eyes I'm pretty damned intense about it. My hair is the only thing natural I have going for me (and, with the hairnet I wear at work, that's starting to go, too!!!), and I pay bank for my eyes. Bank.

Today, I went to my eye doctor for my yearly examination. He said that my prescription hasn't changed, which means that my eyes remain the same without my contacts on, which is a good thing. And one of his office ladies is seriously a MILF. I've had MILF thoughts about this woman since I was 15. 9 years later, she's still got it going on. There's more people working there now, so I don't even see her one on one, but she's there, and it makes me happy.

I also always make sure that I ask about new colors of contacts, because I want different eyes. Deeper blue, dammit, deeper blue! And they have these gorgeous contacts called True Sapphire, right? But only people WITHOUT astigmatisms can get them. People like me, with astigmatisms, can only get FOUR damned colors. Grr. Just grr.

I got a new game for my PSP. I won't play it very much, since Brawl owns my life as it should. And I ate Wendy's, which was delicious, but I had to pay for it, which sucked. Plus, I made the mistake of getting a Vanilla Frosty Float... they use Barqs (or however you spell it) root beer, which is my least favorite root beer!!! Fail!

I also checked Pizza Factory for their prices on pizzas. Looks like I'll be spending 100 dollars on pizza next Saturday. But that's okay, because it'll be great and that makes it worth it!!!!

My internet has been shitty all week. Seriously, it's been god awful. And I'm so mad about it. This is one of the reasons why I'm glad online Brawlage is basically a non-issue.

More Brawl Related Asides:

I'm either really shitty at the home run contest (which is possible), or they nerfed Yoshi to the point where his flutter kick no longer racks up the damage. I need to hit over 1500 feet for one of the unlockable things, and it isn't going too well...

Speaking of unlockables... don't make the mistake that I made and use your unlock hammers on any random square. Wait for the special ones that could be super hard. You know, like the 'Beat 5 in Cruel Melee' one. Those bitches kill me at 20%. Their pop ups are horrid, HORRID. I only got one of them killed... once!

Non-Brawl Asides:

Erica and Josh had moments in today's AMC. It made me so happy. But then she has this really bad wig. At least I hope it's a wig. Susan Lucci's hair is like... iconic.

Speaking of hair, my mom revealed something that I wish she would never have told me while we were at Wendy's: She said that she checks out wrestler's hair. We got into this discussion about their hair and it dawned on me: I get my hair fetish from my mother. God. Help. Me.