March 7th, 2008

Determined Uranus by shining_ki

Tomorrow, Tomorrow! Well... Sunday...

But, really, unless they cancel the midnight release (which they'd better not!), I'm one of those people who technically believes that it's still Saturday night even thought the time tells me that it is early Sunday morning. Sunday don't start until I wake up Sunday morning, dammit!

Sarah, she who is taking me to get my game and make me ever so happy unless they cancel the release and send me crying into the pits of the abyss, wants to see a movie. The problem is that the theater in the town over isn't playing anything decent. I mean, when one of the most appealing movies there is Step Up 2 the Streets, you've got quite a problem. The theater here in town is playing Maybe, Actually (or Actually, Maybe, I'm not really sure), which is what we both wanted to see. Problem? It ends at 11:30ish. I want to be at the store by that time. This causes considerable problems. Options. What to do. What to do. What to do.

So, I think maybe we can go to dinner at 5ish, right when the place opens, and then we can go and watch an earlier showing of the movie, and then we can go to the store and wait for about 2 hours. I have movies and tv shows and a portable dvd player of wonderment with which to kill time!

Another tidbit: My cousin has once again thrown the whole Disneyland trip into disarray. She was supposed to go to Germany over her Spring Break, but now she's not. I think her friend is still going to Cancun or whatever. I don't really know. What I know is that if we go during the Spring Break (which is in two weeks), I won't be staying at the Disneyland on site hotel, because that shit is EXPENSIVE. I mean, I was going to spend like 800 bucks on the hotel to begin with if we went in April, but we're talking way, way more. Like 800 bucks is one night during Spring Break. That means that my dream of staying at the on site hotel would die, but at the same time it would give me quite a bit more money with which to play. There's also the unpleasant situation of work during that period, because my manager is going to be gone until at least Tuesday of that week. Suckage. Pure suckage. I still think we're going in April. I hope we're going in April. Fingers crossed!