March 2nd, 2008

Pluto close up


So, yesterday I had that event thing that my dad was performing at for the Wildlife foundation. I love animals. I honestly, truly love animals. So it was a good cause. But I didn't want to spend 100 dollars on tickets for me, my grandmother, and her caretaker. Luckily, I didn't have to. Free tickets for the win!

It was long, though, let me tell you. It was ungodly long. That's because they had a shitload of auctions, and they really didn't go that well. Auctioneers are, well, incredibly odd people. And the people were buying cobblers and pies for like 50 to 125 bucks. My dad got a free apricot cobbler for being in the band, but it wasn't that great. Decent, but worth 50 to 125 bucks? No way in hell. My mom loved the auctioneers, though. She's a fool.

SPEAKING of my mother... she didn't make a complete ass of herself. In fact, she made absolutely no ass out of herself at all. She was decidedly pleasant. It was very discomforting. I mean, I want, I had my camera ready to take pictures and video footage of my mom trying to pole dance with an invisible pole to my dad's music (it could happen...), and I got a whole lot of nothing. I think the fact that my grandmother and great aunt were both there helped put a curb in her drunken desires. My grandmother drank a corona. It's incredibly odd to see my grandmother drink. Before I was born, she was a big drinker, gambler, and smoker. But now she's nothing like that. So, I managed to keep my incredible amount of respect for my grandmother. One of the few who can drink and not have me do that. In fact, probably the only person.

It doesn't end there, though. My long lost (40 years next year) aunt was found or something. She's not really my aunt. She's my dad's first cousin. But her sister is my aunt, because my family works in this incredibly complex manner that is hard to understand even if you're in it. So, my aunt who is really my first cousin once removed but is my aunt in this complex system that is my family is apparently a little off in the head or something, so her family sent her to the sanitarium or whatever. Needless to say, she remembered stuff once the meds were wearing off (funny how that works out, ain't it?) and everyone's all excited. My grandmother was like 'this is the best day of my life.' So, my family is happy, and that's good.

My aunt (the one who I consider my aunt, in spite of that family complexity) forgot her camera, so she had to borrow mine. D'oh!