February 26th, 2008

Pluto close up

I get to hang out with my grandmother on Saturday!!!

My dad is having this 'concert' thing. It's not really a concert. It's more like him playing his horrible music in front of people as they eat and then auction off stuff to benefit the wildlife foundation. I talked to Vanessa and Carlos about it back in Jan, when I didn't know much about it. But it's 30 bucks a plate. Screw that. Of course, being family, I get in free. And my grandmother wants to go! So I'm going to spend time with my grandmother for the first time in months. I call her every week, but my dad always swears up and down how we're going to go and see her and we NEVER do. It sucks. I love my grandmother. Just like I love Emily Gilmore. But my grandmother trumps Emily in sheer badassery (she's not as snippy, but she's the best person in the world), so I'm thrilled.

You know what else sucks? Janet's new album. I listened to half of it. Only one good song. It was the ballad. Sigh, Jane.