February 25th, 2008

Freaked out Jiji by l_o_v_e_icons

Bad Movie Alert!!!

So, on a whim I went to Amazon.com and ordered this:

Vampire Colin Egglesfield in an obviously sub-par movie? Yes, please! I mean, odds are high that it's going to suck. Immensely. But I support Colin. Let's be honest, I bought Arizona Summer because Scott Clifton was in it, and DAMN that movie was god awful, but it had Scott, so I don't regret it. Okay, I do, but I wouldn't not buy it.

Don't judge me. I have to get my Colin fix somehow. AMC just has him sitting on the back burner not doing a damned thing. Horrible. Horrible.

Speaking of unwaivering support... apparently I have to buy Crisis Core, because Steve's still doing the voice of Cloud. A like 15 year old Cloud voiced by a 36 year old actor, but the point remains.

Damn my need to support. Damn, damn, damn.