February 24th, 2008

Pluto close up

Random City!

There's currently a faint rainbow outside of my window. It's pretty, and it makes me happy. What? Rainbow Brite, Care Bears and My Little Pony instilled a heavy love of rainbows that hasn't gone away 20 years later. Who are you to judge me?!

My left shoulder hurts. This is the price you pay for spending hours playing Dragon Quest: Swords on the Wii. I need to avoid playing it for a few days and give my shoulder time to heal. But I can't, because I want to keep on playing it so much! Curse my love of over excessive power leveling!!! No, I don't need to be at level 40 at this point, but, dammit, I want to be!!! Still, tomorrow is the day when I do lots of lifting at work, so I need to put a hold on the game play. Le sigh.

Today's the Oscars. I was going to watch it (only for the original song section), then I remembered that I can't watch it because I don't get ABC in the room!!!! Grr. Now I won't see if Enchanted wins! Sadness!!!!

I'm on the hunt. The hunt for Rainbow Chip ice cream. Sarah insists that it exists at Baskin Robbins, but I've been to one and called the other (our local one), and they've given me a whole lot of nothing. I dislike being denied. She said she would take me to get it today. I have needs, dammit, needs!
Pluto close up

Rainbow Chip... DENIED...

Doesn't look like I'm going to get me my ice cream today. It is a sad, sad fact of life. One that cannot be avoided.

I hate the weekends where I can't go out and do something with my friends, but that's just part of life. I mean, on weekends when I don't *want* to do something, it's cool. Like, in two weeks, when Smash comes out, weekends will be my time (except for the Smash party!), but on the long weekends, like last week, not getting out of the house is just maddening. I don't think it would be so bad if my parents actually went and did something, but I just hate being stuck here with these same people over and over and over.

But she's all but confirmed that she'll be able to take me to get Smash on the 8th. Win!!!! Plus, next Sunday we might go eat because her birthday is on Tuesday. If not, we'll go and do a belated birthday dinner on the 8th instead of an early birthday dinner on the 2nd.

Hmm, I think I'll halt playing FFXII again. I did it to do something to kill time, and it's a decent game, but I just HATE the LP system so damned much.

My aunt said that I might be able to watch the oscars live on ABC.com, I shall look into that.