February 21st, 2008

Pluto close up

My New Goal In Life:

Is to be at Gamestop on March 8th at Midnight (so, technically, March 9th), because they're doing a midnight release for Brawl!!!! Thus far my plan involves Sarah, because Vanessa camped out with me for the Wii, so it seems wrong to ask her to do something like that again (plus, she could be working, but it's more me giving her a break as my accomplice, lord knows she deserves it!)... but, barring that, I could guilt trip my father into taking me. I told him that he can just sleep in the car for all I care. We drive there at like 10, he sleeps, I watch some TV on DVD or something of that nature. Everyone wins.

Obviously, I need better goals in life. But that won't change anytime soon.

Sarah has also told me of a most wonderful thing: Rainbow Chip Ice Cream at Baskin Robbins! Rainbow Chip is my favorite frosting of choice. Seriously, I will eat that stuff out of the can, no problem. So, yesterday, I went to Best Buy/Gamestop (Where I pre-ordered Mario Kart Wii!) and then I told my mom I wanted Togos. I did want Togos, but at the same time the Togos right by Best Buy/Gamestop (and two doors down from ANOTHER Gamestop...) is also a Baskin Robbins. I had impure motives, it's true. I won't lie. I go, and I look, and they don't have it. I'm sad. So if I go to Target here in town anytime soon I intend on running over to the Baskin Robbins (just a Baskin Robbins, though it is right next door to a Togos...) and checking to see if they have it there. If they don't, that will be mass failure.

Hmm... other tidbits:

Work still sucks. My boss was gone yesterday, because his wife (my other boss, kinda) is in the hospital. She had surgery. She has surgery frequently, which obviously doesn't do much if she has to keep on going back. He's supposed to be back today. In the meantime his father and his brother are there, which is kind of discomforting. Boss Daddy caught me texting my cousin. I was on my break, but the point remains. We're being audited by a customer on Leap Day (which is also a payday, which SUCKS!), so next week the boss will be super horribly anal and picky (which is bad, considering the degree that he already is these thigns on a normal day), and that won't make me happy. On the plus side, Blaine, my old BFF from work, actually works at the company that is auditing us. So maybe he'll be there, too! And seriously, I love Blaine. I miss him so much. If he does come we can't just be all buddy buddy, because he's there to work, but it'll be great to see him.

Matt, one of my coworkers, might be pissed at me. Actually, yesterday was really odd. It seemed like a lot of my coworkers just weren't as friendly as they normally are. Far as I can tell I didn't do anything to earn continuous ire. Peculiar.

Coral, my bitch queen, did not go home last night! But now I hate Danny (whereas before I just hated the fact that he wore durags. White boys should not wear durags. Nobody should wear durags...), since he was like 'Coral, I won't let you stick around to get any money!' Danny must die. I enjoy the format of the Gauntlet III. Hour long episodes means that I have to wait less time to see people eliminated. This is always good when idiots like CT exist and I just want them to go home and get the hell off my screen.

AMC sucks, though it did feature Jacob Young getting nekkid (or implying this nakedness, at least), which I know must have pleased Vanessa if she watched, which makes me happy. But I'm extremely distraught over the way that they're treating Josh. He's basically an almost invisible prop, and it is pissing me off!

GH also sucks, even though Sarah Brown rocks. None of the stories right now are particularly captivating, and this is sweeps, dammit!