February 13th, 2008

Pluto close up

Work sucks... but the rest of life is pretty damned good...

Today my boss told my manager TWO times that I wasn't doing shit, when I was. He was looking through the window and inquired as to why I 'was just standing there.' Instead, I was waiting on my coworker to hand me the product that she sealed so I could label and inspect it. So, yes, there is downtime, but it's not downtime that's really avoidable. Then, later, he asks her again what the hell is going on and why am I 'working so slow.' Of course, when I was handed the last product to check and label it was the only one left, so I obviously was keeping up. I guess he wants me to inspect and label products that are invisible just to keep him happy or something.

BUT!!! I got my new Cobalt Blue DS! And boy is it pretty!!! My god, so pretty!!!! It makes me so happy!!! Plus, I can give Vanessa my now obsolete black one, which means that we can write to each other via picotchat again!

AND! I got the last DVD/CD version of Thriller 25 at Best Buy. The guy was like 'everyone wants it!' And it made me so happy! People support MJ! Yes, they're all a bunch of two faced bitches who won't admit to buying it, but they still did!

IT GETS BETTER!!!!! Saludos Amigos AND the Three Caballeros are coming to DVD on April 29th! I've never seen Saludos, but I want to very badly. However, Three Caballeros is the SHIT!!! And now I can watch it whenever I want? Okay... in 2 and a half months I can watch it whenever I want!

So, yes, work is horrible because my boss is a stupid ass little whiny bitch, but life? Life's pretty damned good at the moment.