February 10th, 2008

Henshi Pluto by dark_branwen

If I Haven't Mentioned It Recently...

Youtube is a godsend.

No, seriously. Tonight's the Grammy's (And I didn't even know until this morning!), and the last time I watched the Grammy's was 2 years ago and it was like 'GOD, STOP WITH THE PERFORMANCES, I WANT AWARDS!' And it was long and it was painful and I just wanted to die.

But they're supposedly doing some tribute to Thriller tonight.

This left me with a conundrum: do I watch until the Thriller tribute thing, which could mean watching for 3 and a half hours, of which hardly anything therein matters to me? I was going to do it (because my love of MJ is that strong), and then I was like 'hey, youtube'll have it tomorrow!'