January 20th, 2008

Pluto close up


All my troubles seemed so faaaaaaaaaar away.

I mean... yesterday! Yesterday Sarah came over and we played us some Wii. But first, we plotted our tentative Disneyworld Trip for Super Soap (which hasn't been confirmed one way or the other). We decided to stay at one of the cheapies, because we're cheap like that, and we're going to go with a third party for the plan tickets, because it's cheaper than going through the main site. Cheap is important. Cheap is important! She also had one of the High School Musical songs stuck in her head and kept on singing it. She told me she wanted something to make her stop. It was indeed painful. Worse, bitch saw HSM2 without me! Now we can't mock it together! Sadness. I got the song out of her head, and then put it back there out of spite. I'm spiteful!

Then we went to Chili's to eat. I've only been to Chili's once in my entire life, on my 21st birthday, and it was full of fail. But Sarah loves Chili's deeply, so I figured I would give it another chance. I got something different, the chicken tacos, and they were okay. I don't love Chili's still, and their strawberry lemonade sucks compared to Cheesecake Factory's Strawberry Lemonade of Pure Bliss! (And yes, I capitalized one because it deserves it!) The waitress, though, she was the sweetest waitress in the world. She suggested to us some queso dip stuff for our chips, and when we didn't like it she took it off our bill, which was wonderful. Plus, I got white chocolate cake... lord above I do love that shit. She got an almost 10 dollar tip from me, because she was so great.

Afterwards we went to Coldstone to check and see if my cousin was working. She wasn't. Then we went to Gamestop so I could preorder some games. The little possibly jew boy who is ALWAYS there (and is now the nu-Otaku to earn my ire at that store) was there, and once again I wanted to bitch slap his smug little ass. The other guy, who helped me, was nice. Preordered two games, got me a Wii Zapper (which I had to go back for because they didn't have one at Best Buy...), and so on.

Best Buy was next. I really wanted the new Peanut's Special DVD, but they were sold out! (WAI!) I got Hercules the Disney Movie on DVD and used my gift card I got from my Secret Santa.

Then we went to go see 27 Dresses. I dislike Kathrine Heigl. I think she's overrated and overexposed and her Emmy win was a complete mockery. But I wanted to see if there was FINALLY a movie where James Marsden gets some damned play and gets the girl (and doesn't end up dead)! It was a cute movie. It possibly killed my love of Benny and the Jets, and it isn't something I want to buy on DVD, but I could have sat through worse movies. In fact, I have. X3, anyone?

There were 5 (!) previews before it, which is amazing because I, like many, adore previews. The only really good one that I saw was for the Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher movie, the title of which escapes me. I hate Ashton Kutcher, but that movie looks funny! And it has Latifah. I support my girl!

Now, today, I hope to get some writing done. Check the ad groups and see if there's anything worth joining (keep your fingers crossed). I don't think we're going to go anywhere, in spite of the fact that football is on. In fact, I don't want to go anywhere today, I have plans to sit right here and write. Good times.
Lesbians rule by shining_ki

Another Top 5!

People never seem to comment on these, and that's fine. I'm just trying to use this journal as a more opinion based doodad, so I thought it would work instead of making it a place where I rant and ramble (though I do love to rant and ramble!)

So, in honor of Kingdom College, and my severe love of all things Disney, I present to you...

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