January 19th, 2008

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Possibly Denied Again!

So, I was going to go to Disneyland with my cousin when she went on Spring Break. Now, when I was in college, Spring Break was early March. But my college was stupid and we made sure to get all the Freshmen out of town before Saint Patrick's day because Freshmen are idiots and get drunk off their ass and then have food fights in the dining hall. No, really, I was there the last time we had school on Saint Patrick's Day and that's what happened, so I know things.

Anyway, I had figured at least that my cousin would have her break in April, like most high schools do.

That was stupid.

Turns out the break is March 24th-28th. Normally, this would not be a problem, but my manager has a wedding that she needs to go to sometime in late March. It's her son's wedding. There are only three of us that work in our department. People can help, yes, but I would be gone for at least 4 days... which would suck, because I don't want to leave my friend all alone for 4 damned days, that wouldn't be right. Obviously, I could be wrong, maybe the wedding is earlier or later than that, but I know it's in March, and it could put a wrench in the plans.

Another wrench? Cost. I REALLY wanted to stay at the Grand Californian, even if I had to stay by myself. The cost for staying at the Grand Californinan, by myself, for two nights? 1200 dollars. My cousin's spring break comes right at the time when they hike up their fees like a mother. A month later (when we intended on going in the initial plans) it was less than 1000 for 3 nights and one person. The Paradise Pier one is cheaper, much cheaper, so I'll stay there instead... if I can go.

But with my luck... I probably can't. Le sigh.

Edit: Timewise, I can!
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