January 15th, 2008

Freaked out Jiji by l_o_v_e_icons

Ooooooh snap now

Avex is starting to take shit off of youtube? That's unfortunate. I'm trying to see if I like the new DBSK music video (try before I buy... or download in this case), but each time I look it says 'disabled due to copyright.' Except for one time where it lists Avex Entertainment, Inc. as the copyrighter.

Bad enough that after solid closed I was using kpopper, which seemingly has also closed.

Very sad.

But BoAjjang still exists, so I can use that for my video downloading needs. Especially now that I can't apparently youtube. Think of all the Ayumi videos that are being banned!!! Seriously, that's like half of youtube. I wish I was kidding, but I'm not. That girl churns out videos like nothing else.

Anyway, sorry about not continuing with the list like I intended to do on Sunday. Stuff came up that distracted me hardcore.