January 12th, 2008

Pluto close up

Nothing like a shopping spree...

To make your otherwise bum week that much better!

So, today I hung out with my cousin Eddie. I have two cousins named Eddie, one of whom I hate, the other of whom I love. This is obviously the one I love. I got him a 50 dollar gift card to best buy for his birthday, like I have for the last two years in a row, but his birthday was in October and I barely gave it to him today...

We decided to go hit up the Wharf in Monterey. It was decent. Good food, good company. The drive to Monterey is a lot faster than I thought. And it's pretty! I haven't seen the ocean in a good year!

Then we went to the Del Monte Shopping Center. I don't think I've ever been there. It's an outdoor mall. It really isn't that impressive. Lots of stores, lots of failage. I did go to Gamestop and pick up King of Fighters XI (Vanessa be proud!) and Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max. The people at that Gamestop were helpful and kind! Nothing like the one I usually go to! But nothing else was there really.

Then we went to the new Bust Buy that opened in Marina. I needed to get me a new surround sound system, because my old one is on the fritz. They didn't have the one I wanted (IE: the cheaper one), so I spent another 30 bucks. I found Mario Party DS, too, and picked up Mulan!

Then I watched Mulan. That's good times. But I noticed something when I watched the original 'true to your heart' video. Them Lachey boys (mostly Nick) have some big ass ears. Maybe it was the hat that he was wearing. I dunno. Just saying.

So, I took a hit in the wallet. Nothing huge. And it was fun to spend money. I love spending money!