January 1st, 2008

White Phoenix Base by alrischa

Didn't even make it to midnight...

Nope. Knocked out earlier than that. I'm a big old pansy. A big old tired pansy. Of course, I was woken up AT Midnight by cheering drunk idiots, and people lighting off fireworks outside. But I digress.

Let's hope 2008 is great in a variety of ways, yes? January already looks like crap. The strike means that the shows I love could get truncated until... whenever (sigh). Though I can at least look forward to that new DH on Sunday! SO EXCITED! And next week new Brothers and Sisters!

Thus far, the only milestones I know of are as such: Feb: Smash. April: Disneyland. November: Disneyworld. There are some question marks, like whenever Mario Kart Wii comes out. And FFXIII, assuming it does. And other things. But yeah, 2008 ain't anything spectacular just yet.

On the plus side, I got my new BoA calendar yesterday, and it is a beautiful, beautiful thing. Much better than 2007's, because it doesn't have a sport theme.

Now I'm just going to need to get used to writing '08 when I fill out paperwork at work. I know I'll screw up a lot tomorrow and for the next week or so. I hate it when the month or the year changes. I hate it more when they BOTH change!!! Arg. Just arg.