December 31st, 2007

Pluto close up

Words... fail... Set...

So, I'm watching 'True Life: I Have Embarrassing Parents,' because, you know, I can relate. I catch the last twenty minutes or so of it. This is dealing with the kid whose dad is a huge Star Wars nut and he's going to a convention dressed like a Jedi and the son is like 'WTF?' I can relate to this child.

THEN he decides to dress up like a Stormtropper. The 'WTF' kid, mind you. So I'm muttering to myself 'damn you, boy, your ass went and sold out!' But this is fine, I guess. I mean, you're at a Star Wars convention, your father is dressed up like a (balding) Jedi. Go with the flow or something. If that was the end of it, I'd be good.

It wasn't. The dad starts to cry because his kid has finally embraced 'the force.' Not the same side, but we don't want to be picky. That makes me start to snicker. But that's not all. Random other guy starts to cry because he's like 'I wish me and my dad had hung out like this, too!'

Kill. Me. Now.

Cosplayers. Freaky ass people. No wonder I stay away from conventions. I'd almost be surprised at the fact that most of them ain't virgins. But when you consider the fact that you dress up in costume for days other than Halloween or theme parties, you're probably going to get it from whoever you can get it from. If this includes a quickie in the convention hall bathroom, then so be it.

And why is Disc 4 of the last season of Gilmore Girls not working?!? Sadness. Stupid thing. I should buy a new DVD player. This one is angering me.

Oh, and no hanging with Vanessa. She had to be her mother's DD.