December 23rd, 2007

Pluto close up

Ironic, no?

Last week Vanessa was jealous of me for being at Disneyland. This week I'm jealous of her for the same thing!!! We've basically concluded that right now is the best time to go if you just want to go for California Adventure, because 95% of the people who are at the park around this time are here for the Disneyland Christmas stuff and basically shun California Adventure.

You know, more than they normally do.

Can't wait until we go next April! Assuming we do go, of course. Because if MJ decides he wants to hit up the concert scene then we're going to go to that instead. Ironically, a few hours with MJ will probably cost about as much as 4 days at Disneyland.

But it'd be worth it. Especially if they play this song!
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    MJ- WIll You Be There