November 24th, 2007

Pluto close up

Set needs to get out of the house...

Yes sir. I mean, honestly, now I know why I hate extended weekends. It means that I spend ALL that time with my parents. The only time I've gone out since Thanksgiving? Yesterday. To take my mom to eat for her birthday.

F-A-I-L!!!!! I tried to call Sarah and see if she was doing anything, but alas there was no response.
Pluto close up


Sarah answered her phone. We're going to go see Enchanted tonight at 9. I am thus granted my necessary escape from the house. Of course, I was going to see the movie with Vanessa, but that got shifted around. Besides, I can judge if it is a good movie or not, and it isn't like she didn't see Spider-Man 3 4 times before she saw it with me. Buwahaha.

Enchanted! Happy! If I don't die from possibly inhaling a tiny shard of glass, of course.