October 28th, 2007

White Phoenix Base by alrischa

Full of fail, but not completely!

So, people were here until 5:30 talking and talking and talking and talking, very loudly. When it was outside it was okay because my room has some sort of sound blocking whatnot in it. But when they're in the living room, screaming? Not so much. I'm up again, not very tired, oddly enough, but tomorrow is the day when I pull double duty, so that might not be the smarted idea in the world. What can you do?

The party sucked. It was a waste of time, for the most part. I enjoyed having my friends over. I enjoyed playing Wii, but that was literally the extent of it. I didn't even eat any of the damned food because when people said it was time to eat the others freaking went towards the food like locusts. It was sad, really. And then I found out that there was garlic bread, and garlic bread is my lifeeeeeeeeeee. Luckily, there was some left over. Unless my mother gave it away, as she is prone to do, that means that I can still salvage some.

Plus, I don't even know how many minors there were with beer. Assuming that Vanessa is telling the truth about her uncle's girlfriend, that's at least two. I still feel upset with myself for letting her drink in the room, unknowingly. At least I stopped it when I found out. Damned thing that looks like soda. Damned alcohol.

I'm just glad that it's over, and that my friends got to see the shit that I have to put up with on a daily basis. Granted, the scope of people who are here was much, much larger, but the antics? The antics are pretty much the same.

My cousin had his two kids, both under the age of 10, here until at least 1 in the morning. He's a responsible chap, that one. And then there was this guy who was so drunk he made my mother look tame by comparison. He was here last year, too. I hate that guy. I really do. He was screaming in the kitchen. At nobody. I'm not even lying!
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Pluto close up

Because I'm bored...

And too tired to do ANYTHING else, I'll make up my November purchases list, so that I can see what I need to get. Simpsons movie doesn't come out until December, so that's already off the list. And now people are screaming about football. Not because they're watching football, but because they're talking about it. Fail. Anyway, here goes:

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