October 21st, 2007

Pluto close up

Fails # 1 and #2

Fail #1: The Corn Maze. After trying for THREE weeks to get over to the corn maze, me and Vanessa were finally able to go. There was some excitement, considering that we were hoping for something decent. What did we get? 15 dollars to get in, and it was a huge ass waste of time. We were finished within like 20 minutes, so we kept on going through other ways trying to go through all of it. To be fair, we didn't do the little message game thing, but we were still expecting something a lot cooler than that. They had other event things that were probably better, but those cost more money and we were dismayed, and if those things sucked well... then life would just have no meaning. Oh well, at least we tried it, that way we know it sucks so we don't have to worry about going to it ever again. Ever. Again. And I got her out of watching Adam Sandler movies with her mother. Though by the time we left we weren't really sure if that was a good thing or not, since leaving put her fifteen dollars in the hole. But I digress.

Fail #2: Group hunting, yet again. Not a damned thing worth mentioning. And the worst part is that so many of the groups that exist are locked to people outside who don't join, which makes reading the posts that the group made impossible. I like to see if the group I'm thinking about joining has people in it who can write a fairly competent post, but I can only do that if the archives are open or if I join and then leave when I see that it isn't, which is really stupid and makes me feel bad about the whole thing. Le sigh.

I had a dream about getting Jem DVDs at this random Mexican video store. It was really, really odd. I guess my mind is telling me that I must really want Jem DVDs. Which is true, because I do, but why would I go into a Mexican video store? Maybe I should start looking in them. You never know...