September 24th, 2007

White Phoenix Base by alrischa

If last night's season premiers were any indication...

Well, then... I'm not looking forward to the upcoming season all that much. The Simpsons was pretty damned lame (though the end bit with Lionel and the AMA's was amusing). King of the Hill focused on football for crying out loud (because I don't get enough of that shit on Sunday with my mother). Family Guy's Star Wars parody was all kinds of lame. Although I loved the part where John Williams and company played the People's Court theme song, because it made me think of girltype, for she loves that show ever so much. And I DID finish watching that disc of Brothers and Sisters, so I've only got one more disc left. I could make it through that tonight. I might. I don't really know one way or another yet. If I don't do it today I'll probably do it tomorrow, because I want to watch the original pilot and the set tour. Plus, Monday is one of the days this season where I currently have nothing that I need to watch. And, Heroes junkies, that includes that piece of crap show.

Right now I'm on the phone with Dish Network seeing if there is anything I can do in order to buy ABC on my Dish that way I don't have to make another call, this time to Directv, and ask them if we can get another box from them, because I would have to wait for that to come and it might not be here by the time Private Practice starts. Hell, there is almost no way in hell it will be here by the time Private Practice starts. And I'm okay with that. But if it doesn't come by the time Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters starts? No, I'm not okay with that. No sir. I want my shows, and I want to watch them in my room, dammit!

Of course, the bastards at Dish have had me on hold forever. It's Monday morning, dammit. People have shit to do. They shouldn't have me on hold for so damned long.

And they answered. No ABC through them. To Directv I go.
Pluto close up

I'm having a crisis at the moment...

Dave Annable, my favorite television actor at the moment (only because you know who is GONE! *cries) owns an X-Box. See... I LOVE Dave Annable. I shouldn't really love people who play drunkard druggies, because that shit is too too close to home, but he does it in such a wonderful way and you can see that the character is, at the very least, someone with a good heart who makes a lot of mistakes in his life and wants to change but ends up screwing up and that's endearing to me. So, I love Dave. And I love his character of Justin Walker. He deserves at least an emmy nod for that role, in my mind.

But! I HAAAAAAAAAAAAATE X-Box, X-Box 360, and all things related to Microsoft with the exception of Windows because I can't really avoid that shit since I'm afraid to learn Linux what with the whole being utterly computer inept thing looming over my head.

So, obviously, I'm torn. But we all know that my love of people tends to override my hatred of their activities. Unless they're my mother. Or some other member of my family. Then they get the cold shoulder. I think that's why I love Brothers and Sisters so much as a show, because it makes me feel like I could have something like that. Like I can just pretend for a few minutes a week, or, in the case of watching on DVD, hours over the weekend, that I *could * have this family of people who love each other and understand each other and tolerate each other. It's like those Thanksgiving commercials, and I HATE those commercials because they convey such utter lies, but at the same time I know I hate them because that's what I want. Yet another thing that proves just how hypocritical my life is. I'd like a family like that. I just don't want a family like that with MY family, I guess.

Dave Annable is love. See? All better. He has a doggy, too. Cute little doggy.

As for work: Didn't get a raise today. Told the boss around 1ish if he had talked to the accountant about my wages and he said he would do it this week. I'll wait until Thursday if nothing comes up before then. I don't want to hound him, but at the same time I don't want to miss the chance of getting a damned raise.

Brett, my coworker on Saturday, pissed me off. First, he did the square plates. Which we've been having problems with and he knows that. I ask him if he's checked them. He said he did. I believe him because I like to believe people since I'm honest. Then I think about it. He finished that shit way too quick to check every damned plate like he's supposed to. He also keeps on coming in late. And the people who come in on Saturday to help out so that it's not just me and him getting swamped are mad because they're coming in on time to help him and he can't even make it on time himself. I can understand that. Then, I look at some of the square plates because I'm supposed to bring in so that we can check them and see if they're okay due to his inability to do something like he's supposed to. He labeled the fuckers wrong. I like Brett. I do. I think he's a nice kid, little lazy (obviously), but I'm pissed off like nothing else at him right now. Why? Because this shit always falls on me. 'You should have checked...' how the hell can I check what he's doing when I'm twenty feet away, on the other side of the room, behind a hood where I can't see what the hell he's doing? If they want me to supervise his ass then they need to make sure that there are more people so I can just hound him. But that wouldn't be right. And it won't happen.

He'll probably get fired this week. He can't come in on time to save his life.