September 11th, 2007

Pluto close up

Well, poop!

So, I checked IGN this morning, to kill time and all that. And what do I see? An update for Smash Brothers Brawl. Now, this game is THE game that I want more than any other game that will come out this year, bar none. So anything that I learn about it I make sure to learn and digest and further amp up my 'gotta have it!' factor. And though I'm somewhat pleased about the most recent tidbit, I'm also more than a little displeased. It is no secret that I believe the womens should have a much larger representation in the series. After all, the first game had only Samus (kinda like Chun-Li in that respect), whom most casual fools consistently believe to be male, and the second game added Peach, Zelda and Nana, the latter of which shouldn't really count. I understand that Nintendo doesn't really have a gamut of women in their stable to add to the game, but there was one character I really, REALLY wanted to see make it as a playable character for Brawl. Lyndis from the first GBA Fire Emblem. She's going to be in the game, yes, but only as a support character. Sigh. Dreams, I dub thee shattered.

Incidentally, none of the new characters confirmed have been female, to my knowledge. Thus far we've still only got Peach, Zelda and Samus (albeit in two different forms, but much like Zelda/Sheik, I don't consider that two different entities), and since, God willing, the Ice Climbers will get canned, it probably means that Nana will not make another appearance. Who does that leave? Daisy, who would be just a palette swap of Peach (which was already in Melee). Dixie Kong? With Diddy already confirmed (which pleases me) it seems unlikely that they would add yet another monkey to the cast. There are quite literally a bunch of female characters in the FE universe, but none had the impact or star quality like Lyn, so the likelihood of them getting full on character status as opposed to cameos is just kind of laughable. Midna from Twilight is possible, but I doubt she would get anything more than an assist because she hasn't been around that long.

And then I'm reading the news headlines and people really won't shut the hell up about Britney and her bomb. I guess it's just as well. She probably wanted people to talk about her. No such thing as bad publicity, right? Discounting all those times she was caught drunk, or acting like an idiot, which may have had something to do with the drinking, or especially when she attacks a car with an umbrella while paying homage to Sinead O'Connor. If her album tanks (which it might) I hope she takes the hint and fades away. Honey, you lost it. You never really had it for me, but you clearly lost it for everyone else. Go learn how to be a decent parent to your children. At least this way you can do something fulfilling with your life.

Side Note: I found the money. It was in my pants. They were washed, and therefore the money was wet. But I have the money. And it makes me happy.

Side Note #2: Today is the day I go and get Grey's Season 3. Which I will probably never watch, given that I haven't even really made an attempt to watch seasons 1 and 2. Actually, I tried to watch season 1. I don't even think I made it much further than the pilot. The same is said of House, though. I guess Medical shows just don't have that kind of repeatability for me. Either that or I don't want to spend a lot of time skipping through the parts of any given Grey's episode that I don't want to see. Which, given how much I hate a majority of the characters, would be a hell of a lot of skipping. I'm enjoying the hell out of Desperate Housewives Season 3, though. At least the start. Once Marcia goes on her maternity the show really took a hit in quality, because I love me my Bree.
Pluto close up

I hate Tuesdays!

Only for the duration of the latest season of the stupid mockery of television that is "I wanna be a soap star." And why do I hate Tuesday because of this show? Because it pushes back AMC! Now, I won't lie, AMC and I are hardly on the best of terms at the moment, but I would rather sit through an hour of that than watch a bunch of stupid asses make fools of themselves. But some people really like that shit. Blah.