August 25th, 2007

Pluto close up

Never thought I'd say this...

But bless football. No, I haven't converted myself to the ways of the pigskin. Far from it. It's just that, last night, the drunken harpy was on a rampage and declared 'I'm watching my wrestling (because she's the only one in the family pathetic enough to still watch such shit) in your room!' My television is the only one that gets the CW. Whereas they get ABC. Funny how that works out, don't it? I wanted to play some Castlevania, but nooooo, god forbid someone deny her some wrestling. But, in the end, there was the Rams/Raiders game on, and it pre-empted wrestling. She left in a huff, and I got to play my game. Everyone wins.

Got a six-axis controller from K-Mart yesterday, after I bought one online. So now I'll have three controllers for the PS3. It sucks that each controller doesn't have their own little charger USB thing. Especially since the damned system has slots for such things. What happens if more than one controller goes out at once? Huh? Huh?!? Overall, the PS3, while pretty, is ultimately not the greatest thing in the history of the world.