August 21st, 2007

Pluto close up

The money, she is spent!

So, I was finally able to get through to the Square-Enix store after a lot of time dealing with the slowdown and server overloads (damn Square-Enix junkies! I came before most of you!). Of course, there was far too much shit devoted to the King of Overrated known as FFVII, so I avoided that shit quite adamantly. What I did buy was a Kefka Creature Arts thing, since it was the only product that had FFVI, and a Moogle Plush (the classic moogle, not the one introduced in the FFXII and other related games, because I HATE that moogle!), because I've waited too damned long for a moogle plush, and the time to have one is now!

Shipping was 12.95, which is a rip off. I wish I knew my ring size, because I would so get an FFX ring. I need to find out what my size is soon.