July 26th, 2007

Pluto close up

I'm going to be without my baby for A WHOLE WEEKEND!!!

So, yesterday, Louie found something like 17 Trojans and 4 viruses in my computer, these things cause the crazy ass pop up brigade that has been haunting me. It was not an easy problem to fix. In fact, it could not be fixed without taking it home for awhile. So, I told him that I would give him my computer tomorrow so that he could screw around with it and fix it over the weekend. That does mean that I will be without my computer for the whole damned weekend. And that sucks. But it means that I will get a massively retooled system (Windows XP!), and I'd still get to keep all the files I wanted to keep, with a severe lack of viruses and trojans and the ability to surf the internet without a bazillion pop ups annoying the holy hell out of me. All for 100 bucks. Louie normally charges 200, but since I'm his buddy, he cut the price in half. Friends are a wonderful thing. I wish I had more!

Speaking of friends, spent the day with Vanessa and Carlos yesterday after work. It was fun, but at the same time it was painful. They were talking about Harry Potter, which, of course, is something that I cannot relate to. Then they were talking about current American Music. Again, something I really lack any sort of ability in. Still, we talked about other things, and that was good times. Plus we got to eat Longhouse bread, which is one of the best things in the world.

Ultimately, this means that I have to find a way to keep myself entertained for the weekend. It's not like I've been without a computer for a long time. I went without it at Disneyland for three days, too. But that was at Disneyland. And, really, when I was at Disneyland nothing else mattered. I can't just randomly go to Disneyland for the hell of it over the weekend (though it would kick ass if I could), which leaves me with very little options. Well, not very little. I've got games. Lots and lots of games. And DVDs. Lots and lots of DVDs. And, god willing, I can go to the Garlic Festival. Plus, I might be able to watch the Simpsons Movie, which I really do want to watch. Plus, I work on Saturday. So that takes care of 5 hours or so. This means that I have plenty of options to help pass the time. And I know I can handle it. I just hope I'm not going to reduce myself to being like a junkie trying to get my fix.

AMC has been REALLY good these last few days, aside from that scene with Greens crashing the car and screaming 'Noooooooooooooooooooooo!' all dramatic and pathetic. It has focused a hell of a lot on the Kane family, and that's what I like. I want Josh to get hurt, bad. And then have Erica be there by his bedside. I want him to call her mom, dammit. It isn't a large request!