July 25th, 2007

Pluto close up

I'm innocent, I tells ya!!

That cocaine was something I was just carrying for my friend! Honest!

Okay, Lindsey, stop trying to save face. Possession is nine tenths of the law.

Yesterday I almost got a taste of what it was like to have a myspace. Insomuch that I thought the people who had one, or a facebook, or any other form of such thing, were able to update if anything big happened in their lives because LJ was down for such a long time. I was never tempted to get any other form of online doohickey (because I still stand by my staunch anti-Myspace beliefs), but I will not deny that it would have been convenient, had I really needed to say something about yesterday. But I didn't. And even if I did, I would have waited. My hatred of Myspace is that strong.

Today I'm taking my computer in to work so that Louie, my friend since I was a youngin' and a tech support guru, can take a look at it and hopefully fix the pop-up-o-matic problem. If he can't... well, then I guess I'll just have to cry.

My group appears to be quite dead. It's usually dead on the weekends. It's usually dead on Monday. It's not usually dead on Tuesday, but it was. It concerns me, a lot. But, what are you going to do, right?