July 22nd, 2007

White Phoenix Base by alrischa

No mall for me!!!

girltype had to work, so we couldn't hang out as planned today. Kinda makes not going to the mall yesterday because we were going to go to the other, bigger, mall today seem like a bad idea. But what can you do, right? Instead, I just sat around the house for the most part. Ordered the Batgirl statue from Action Figure Express, the reason why I wanted to go the mall anyway, since I won't be going for at least two more weeks, and waiting for something when I can have it quicker has never really been my forte. Hell, waiting for anything has never really been my forte, though I'm getting better at it. At least in my own head.

My mother just stated that she was going to get the reputation of being a barfly. She was 'going to get?' The hell? Bitch HAS the rep, and more.

I spent part of the day with her, though. Went grocery shopping. Had to get cereal. My father goes through cereal like nothing, which is stupid because it's the only thing I have enough time to eat before I go to work. Clearly, he doesn't give a damn about such things. I got ice cream. They didn't have bubblegum. The last time I went there they didn't have it, they just had an empty vat where it had once been. Now they had nothing. *Pout* I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee bubblegum ice cream!

Been watching Ducktales, which I will continue to do. Looked for another RPG, as is my Sunday ritual. Found something that looked decent, but wasn't feeling the urge to join. I don't know, maybe I've just been looking so long that it doesn't matter anymore. It could be. I really have no idea.

Oh, and while we were at the grocery store there were copies of the book. I didn't have the urge to go and find the lighter fluid and then buy a lighter and make with the burning. I wonder what would happen if I did that in front of a bunch of kids... wow, that would be fun. Sadly, all the anti-harry potter groups are DEAD! It makes me sad.

Might play some Smash later with the neighbor kid. He asked if I could play, but I was ordering the statue and told him that I would if he could wait a minute. Finished the order and he was gone. I think maybe he didn't hear me and thought I was ignoring him. That wasn't my intention.

All in all, it's hot, and I'm not doing nothing, because there is nothing to do. This makes me sad. But such is my life.