July 21st, 2007

Pluto close up

The good, the bad, and the 'I WANT TO STRANGLE SOME STUPID ASSES!'

First, the good: Got out of work after 4 hours today, instead of what is normally a 5 hour plus job. Less money, but more time to enjoy myself. This is a fair trade.

Went to best buy, got a PSP carrying case. Went to Gamestop. Otaku was not there. Got Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Pre-ordered J'anne D'Arc and Brawl (!!!) and put 5 bucks down on Galaxy. Galaxy comes out while I'm supposed to be at Disneyworld. At the very least it means the next day I can just veg out and play Galaxy because I won't work. This is pleasant. Did I mention Otaku wasn't there? Which meant I didn't have to wait for a year to get some service. It's really a good thing.

Now, the bad: Tried to get Norton in order to deal with this damned computer and its problems, but Norton only runs on XP and Vista. I have neither. Ergo, I am denied.

Now the "I WANT TO STRANGLE SOME STUPID ASSES!": Got a letter from the school saying I can't get my diploma until I take English 325. What is English 325, you ask? I don't really know. I looked in the damned books and they don't list English 325 ANYWHERE. So, basically, I'm losing my diploma over a phantom class. I sent an e-mail to my adviser and the department, but neither have e-mailed me. I'm going to e-mail my professor, who is also AN Adviser, but not the one for me, and see what advice she gives. Whatever the case, I am pissed.

But at least tomorrow I might get to hang out with girltype, which is always a good thing.