July 17th, 2007

Movie Visionary by minerva_fan

It was a sad, sad reminder!

On Sunday I went to my grandmother's house. This is always a good thing, because I love my grandmother the most in the world. But as we were talking I go and look over at the part of her wall above the stove and I see my picture with Scott Clifton taped there... and then it hit me even harder that he was GONE!!!! GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a sad, sad moment for me. I carried myself well, however. Or at least I like to think I did. Bastard, making me miss him so much! In the perfect world he'd be back before Super Soap, go, and I could see him again (assuming I go, which I hope I do). Instead, I'll have to make due with meeting La Lucci, Laura Wright and Rick Hearst. Robin Christopher and Jane Elliot would be on that list, too, if they were there. So would John Ingle, oh, and Sonya Eddy! That'd be nice, real nice.

So, my albums finally arrived from Yesasia.com! The new SM Town album is okay. Not great, but decent. Their cover of Under the Sea is fun, but if they were going to cover a song from that movie it REALLY should have been Part of Your World. I'd kill for BoA to sing that song in Korean, Japanese, or English. Hell, I'd kill to have her hum the damned thing. And BoA's song had fatty in it. I like fatty, I do, but fatty should know his place and not get in the way of my time with BoA. This is unacceptable. Fly to the Sky's album was there, too. It's also only decent. I think a part of my love went away once they jumped ship. I could just be forcing a bias, but I really do think that their best stuff was when they were still with SM. I probably just need to listen to it more and get a firmer grasp on my love for the album. I need to listen to Dongwan's album, too.

I was so busy listening to my albums that I completely COMPLETELY forget about the World Series of Pop Culture yesterday, but due to the magic of DVR I was able to record it and watch it later. The teams I don't want to win ended up winning. I HATE TWISTED MISTER!!!! The people on that team just bug the holy hell out of me. I also do not like Three Men and a Little Lazy, but they are the lesser evil when compared to Westerburg High. So their victory was at least acceptable. It's sad that today's episode shows the teams I rather do like going up against each other. No matter who wins, I lose!